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3/30/16 – Robotics Gets a Non-autonomous Vehicle!

We decided to buy a used golf cart! A local shop fixed it up and sold it for a good price to us. Testing team was having a lot of trouble hauling the 150+ lbs of equipment all the way across campus between the pool and lab. This should help a lot.

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3/22/2016 – Frame Assembly

The sub is coming together! We have mounted the horizontal thrusters and attached the pressure hulls to the frame. Mechanical is now working on attaching the hull connectors. We aim to do our first swim test next week and begin tuning our PID controllers.

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9/30/2014 - Present Robosub is a navy-sponsored competition for fully-autonomous underwater submarines. Duke Robotics club has participated in the competition for over 15 years- ranking in the top 5 entries five separate years. We are continuing our tradition of excellence this year (2016) with a new entry: a brand new meticulously engineered submarine which utilizes the latest [...]

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2/1/16 – Electrical Bridge

We've assembled the electrical bridge. (See picture below.) Mechanical is machining a few various mounts, including ones for the battery pods.

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1/9/16 – Mechanical Design and Assembly

Mechanical design completed. We are assembling the pressure hulls and frame now. The Computer Vision team (see picture) has developed a prototype system for the first task. Electrical has finished designing and ordering all components.

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11/28/15 – Mechanical Design Process

The subsystem teams are virtually finished with the design phase of the RoboSub. Next comes the challenging phase of fleshing out the implementation details of messaging protocols, powering components, and machining parts to assemble and build the sub.  We need to think of a name for this robot. Ideas?

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10/30/2015 – High Level Design

The electrical and mechanical subsystem teams have planned out the full high-level design of the AUVSI last week. This week, we are planning the details of implementation. Eventually, a software team will branch off the electrical team, but the teams must work together to establish a robust architecture before proceeding to break off into two [...]

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10/5/15 – Pressure Hull Tests

The laser-cut acrylic capsule and aluminum endcaps have been assembled into a water-tight system. We have tested several of the capsules and the double O-ring seals work quite well. On the hardware electrical side, we're working on programming the motor controllers, and they should be ready to go soon. Mark (testing lead) executing a capsule [...]

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9/30/14-5/14/15 – First Meetings

5/14/2015 After getting familiar with Altium Designer and SolidWorks, we are planning to build the AUV over the summer so that we can test software systems once school begins. A basic computer vision algorithm has been implemented, and we are looking at ways to simulate the underwater environment for software-in-the-loop testing purposes. Shout-out to VideoRay [...]

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Autonomous High-Altitude Glider

The high altitude autonomous glider project (HAAG) aims to launch an unpowered autonomous air vehicle from 18 km using a helium balloon and have it navigate through a specified GPS waypoint and back to the launch site. Start date: 9/8/2014 End date: 11/24/2014 11/23/2014 Update - Drone Launch On 11/22 we launched the drone and [...]

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