Conservation Drone

A collaboration between the Duke Robotics Club and Duke Smart Home The conservation drone is an FX-79 Buffalo outfitted with a powerful sensor to be used in detecting animal tracks from the air. This project is in collaboration with WildTrack, and uses their non-invasive wildlife monitoring footprint identification technology. WildTrack: Start date: 9/8/2014 End [...]

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Autonomous High-Altitude Glider

The high altitude autonomous glider project (HAAG) aims to launch an unpowered autonomous air vehicle from 18 km using a helium balloon and have it navigate through a specified GPS waypoint and back to the launch site. Start date: 9/8/2014 End date: 11/24/2014 11/23/2014 Update - Drone Launch On 11/22 we launched the drone and [...]

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