RoboSub 2017- A Year of Advancement

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 4.13.09 PM (1)

Duke Robotics Club has successfully completed its second International RoboSub Competition in a row, advancing from 15th to 12th place in the span of a year. We met our overall goal of advancing in ranking and plan to continue to score higher and higher in the competition in the future as our team builds and we gain more experience. Despite some unfortunate software setbacks which prevented us from competing well in our second semi-final run, we still managed to make progress in all areas compared to 2016. We advanced both our ranking and score, captured 2 more goals than last year, and dropped our weight by 12.5%, or 4.8kg.

Year 2016 2017
Place 15th 12th
Score 1070 1665
Weight 38.4kg 33.6kg
Goals 3 5

Here are the 5 goals we captured in detail. This was all done on our first semi-final run:

  • Qual Gate
  • Maintain fixed heading
  • Follow the “Path” Marker
  • Set Sail (Any, R-G)
  • Disable Ship (Yellow, push)

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 4.33.26 PM (1)

It has been another year and another successful trip for the Duke Robotics Club. Join us this year as we build a new robot to take our RoboSub game to the next level!