Our Team

The Team with our Robot “Cthulhu V2,” 2022 RoboSub Competition

Executive Board

Will Denton

Lilly Chiavetta

Austin Camacho

Michael Bryant
Chief Engineer


Professor Michael Zavlanos
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Jennifer Ganley

Jennifer Ganley
Pratt Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs


Mechanical Team

The mechanical subteam is responsible for mechanical design of the robot, including frame design, capsule design, electronics enclosures and mounts, structural design, spatial efficiency, actuators, and CNC machining.

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Electrical Team

The electrical subteam is responsible for the power architecture, sensing systems, onboard computation hardware, and microprocessor firmware. The largest success this year was in shrinking and simplifying Cthulhu’s electronics stack down to 2/3 of the previous size while also extending the capabilities and modularity to create a fully featured platform for informing and running the codebase.

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Computer Science Team

The computer science subteam writes software to control the robot, handling everything from sensor fusion to motion planning. Most recently, the CS team successfully transitioned from a legacy codebase to a more maintainable Docker and ROS based system, adopting industry standards.

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Computer Vision Team

The computer vision subteam uses stereo and monovision to locate items underwater for the robot to aim at to complete our underwater tasks. Recently they have acquired a sonar system in order to accurately determine an object’s distance from the robot.

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Acoustics Team

The Acoustics Subteam develops specialized hardware and software to locate an underwater pinger. This entails designing and soldering filter and amplifier boards for analog hydrophone data. Most recently, the team is writing signal processing algorithms to calculate the location of the pinger.

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Check out some of our awesome alumni that made this club great and have now moved onto bigger and better things!

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