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Robosub 2019

About Us

The Duke Robotics Club is a student-run organization in the Pratt School of Engineering. Our mission is to provide Duke undergraduate and graduate students a place to pursue their interest in robotics by working on high-impact, large-scale robotics projects and competitions. These projects allow our talented students to hone their skills and demonstrate the strength of Duke Engineering.


RoboSub 2019

RoboSub is a Navy-sponsored competition for fully-autonomous underwater submarines. Duke Robotics Club has participated in the competition for over 15 years – ranking in the top five entries five separate years. In 2016 we ranked 15th, one of the best new teams. In 2017, we ranked 11th. This year, in 2019, we’re going to perform a major design overhaul on our robot, taking the lessons we have learned from past seasons and putting them into action to make our best robot yet!

RoboSub 2018

In 2018, balancing a brand new set of RoboSub rules and a transition in club leadership, we spent the season making headway into a redesign of our robot in addition to training the next fleet of members in order to head strongly into 2019.

RoboSub 2017

We ranked 11th in 2017! During the season, we made several significant upgrades to our robot, including more advanced controls and computer vision, new marker droppers, upgraded cameras, and a lighter frame with only one pressure hull instead of three. Watch our video below!

RoboSub 2016

We ranked 15th as one of the best new teams, with a score of 1070. See our paper for details about Leviathan, our 2016 sub.

Leviathan – Journal Paper

Project Updates

DukEngineer 2017 Article

See our writeup in the 2017 DukEngineer magazine: DukEngineer17 Article

Fall 2016 Wrap-up

We began our year with Bot Battle as a way to introduce underclassmen to both members of the club and the robotics fundamentals we work with. Partnering with the Innovation Co-Lab, we prepared kits, held office [...]

Bot Battle 2016

In 2016, we hosted the first Bot Battle competition designed to get students excited about autonomous vehicles and robotics. The competition took place from 9/24/16 to 10/2/16. Twelve teams came out and competed- each building an [...]

8/2/16 – Robosub 2016 Report

Robosub 2016 has come and gone already. It was a wild ride, and we couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. Eleven team members flew out to San Diego from across the US, putting their [...]

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Michael Zavlanos
Michael Zavlanos
Lauren Stulgis
Lauren Stulgis
Kris Hauser
Kris Hauser

Specialists & Execs

Neil Dhar
Neil DharCo-President, Electronics Lead
Samuel Rabinowitz
Samuel RabinowitzCo-President, Co-Mechanical Lead
Ramil Shaymardanov
Ramil ShaymardanovCS Lead
Trevor Fowler
Trevor FowlerCo-Mechanical Lead
Nathanial Brooke
Nathanial BrookeTreasurer, Senior Electronics Specialist
Estelle He
Estelle HeSenior Electronics Specialist
David Miron
David MironCS Specialist
Vinit Rajan
Vinit RajanCS Specialist
Joseph Saldutti
Joseph SalduttiElectronics Specialist
Misha Savchenko
Misha SavchenkoMechanical Specialist
Christopher Wolff
Christopher WolffCS (Computer Vision) Specialist


Andrew Buie
Andrew BuieCo-President, Software Lead
Mark Chen
Mark ChenDeployment Team Lead
Kelsey Evezich
Kelsey EvezichCo-President
Austin McKee
Austin McKeeCo-President, Software Lead
Logan Rooper
Logan RooperCo-President, Electronics Lead
Samadwara Reddy
Samadwara ReddySoftware Lead
Raiyan Sobhan
Raiyan SobhanVP of Finance, Deployment Team Lead
Will Stewart
Will StewartCo-President
George Konidaris
George KonidarisAdvisor

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What Do We Do?

Examples of project areas we will tackle this year:

  • High-DOF manipulator arm and gripper
  • Torpedo launching system
  • Revising mechanical design of the electronics bridge and main pressure hulls
  • Redesign of the acoustic localization system
  • Designing a hardware filtering PCB
  • Applying our vision pipelines to 2019 tasks
  • Designing new, simplified electronics stack control and power PCBs
  • Probabilistic motion planner with SLAM
  • … and many more!

Why Should I Join?

We work hard and play hard. We expect you to commit 4-8 hours a week to the club: both at the lab, at the pool, and outside of normal work time. We often act more like a team than a club, and you should expect to be treated like a team member. We usually hold several events during the year, including:

  • Team dinners
  • Halloween trip
  • Team weekend retreat
  • Robosub competition (10 members over nine days in July)

Join Us

Join us at one of our twice-weekly meetings to learn more about the club. We welcome any and all Duke students to participate in some form of club activities. We hold official recruiting sessions at the beginning of each term. Underclassman are welcome and encouraged to participate, regardless of their skill level coming in. Sign up to receive email updates.

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Duke Robotics Club is a proud sponsor of local teams. We work with middle school and high school teams to ensure that they can work at their best potential and succeed in their robotics competitions. We share both knowledge and materials so that our younger peers can focus on learning and innovating.

Project Lead the Way

Duke Co-presidents Logan and Andrew volunteered with Project Lead the Way through the Pratt admin office, giving advice on STEM curriculum to local high school teachers.

FRC Mentorship 2015

Duke Robotics Club is also a proud sponsor of FRC Team 900 Zebracorns! Duke Robotics Club gladly supports the Zebracorns' quest for World Championships by providing more platforms and materials for practice, testing, and debugging [...]

FIRST Robotics Competition

Currently seeking mentors! Duke Robotics Club is proud to be a mentor and founding partner of Durham Academy’s RoboSharks. In the RoboSharks' pilot 2014-2015 season, they approached the Duke Robotics Club and hoped to form [...]

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