We are proud to present Oogway, our advanced entry for RoboSub 2024.

This autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) marks a major design evolution for our team, integrating new technologies and refining systems for enhanced performance. Oogway is built around a modular frame, supporting the independent integration of key components, with an accessible electrical stack for easier sensor expansion and integration. Its software includes cutting-edge computer vision integrated with all-new task planning and control systems allowing for precise object recognition and navigation. We’ve also implemented novel hardware to locate acoustic pings and an accurate marker dropper, enabling it to interact with its environment. Key to Oogway’s design is the seamless integration of its subsystems, enabling robust and reliable functionality. Each component was independently developed and tested, ensuring high performance and resilience under the demanding conditions of underwater missions. As it embarks on each task within the competition, Oogway demonstrates our team’s technical capabilities and our commitment to advancing the field of underwater robotics.

Visit the pages below to learn more about the robot’s systems.