We left for the pool having ensured that all sensors worked, but didn’t test the tether. At the pool, we couldn’t connect to the robot via the tether. We narrowed it down to an issue with the ethernet head plugged into the robot’s switch. New ethernet heads were crimped onto two ethernet cables plugged into other ports. Neither of the ports with new ethernet heads worked.

We were able to connect to the robot using the original port, which worked reliably for the last 45 minutes of the pool test.

We tested the joystick GUI panel and Rico’s nonlinear thruster power curve. A few bug fixes were required in the joystick panel, but otherwise, both worked.

Throughout the pool test, we intermittently lost the pressure sensor. Each time we lost the pressure sensor, we fixed it by either running dual_upload.sh or by restarting the robot.


  • Get reliable connection with tether.
  • Fix intermittent disconnections of the pressure sensor.