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Cthulhu (redesigned)


We received an award for best journal paper and placed 11th out of 54 teams! Our 2022 RoboSub submission features a redesigned legacy robot, Cthulhu.

Cthulhu v2


We ranked 1st place journal paper, 1st place Propulsion System video, and 3rd place Sensor Optimization video out of 54 teams! Our 2021 RoboSub submission features a newly designed robot, Cthulhu v2. Built around the core tenets of flexibility and adaptability, Cthulhu v2 offers more reliability than our previous robots when performing fundamental and complex tasks. For more information on the development of Cthulhu v2, see our RoboSub 2021 page. Also, check out the recap here on our blog.



We ranked 4th place journal paper and 8th place overall out of 33 teams at the virtual RoboSub 2020! We enlarged Cthulhu’s frames for better weight distribution and more space, added an NVIDIA Jetson for our machine-learning-based computer vision, and further generalized our hardware and codebase to work with future robots, including our 2021 robot that we’re already designing. Check out the recap here on our blog.

Journal Paper Video



In RoboSub 2019, we made semi-finals with our brand new bot, Cthulhu. We shrunk the bot to two thirds the size of Leviathan while still providing more space for modularity, expanding our capability to complete competition tasks. Stereo cameras and new thrusters integrated well with our transition to a Docker and ROS software framework. Check out our competition recap here on our blog.

Journal Paper Video




We ranked 11th in 2017! During the season, we made several significant upgrades to our robot, including more advanced controls and computer vision, new marker droppers, upgraded cameras, and a lighter frame with only one pressure hull instead of three. Check out our article here in the DukEngineer magazine.

Journal Paper Video


In RoboSub 2016, we ranked 15th as one of the best new teams, with a score of 1070. See our paper and video for details about Leviathan, our 2016 sub that took over two years of research and development. Check out our competition recap here on our blog.

Journal Paper Video

Gamera, Charybdis, Scylla

From left: Charybdis, Gamera, Scylla


Founded in 2001, we went to RoboSub for the first time in July, 2001 at Disney World with Gamera, our first AUV. After three competitions with Gamera, we unveiled Charybdis, our second AUV. Another three competitions, and our third AUV, Scylla, arrived on the scene. We placed high almost every year. After the 2007 competition, our club transitioned into doing projects for a few years before steering back to working on RoboSub in 2014.

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